• UW-Madison Chamberlin Hall exterior of Kraemer renovation construction project
  • UW-Madison Chamberlin Hall exterior of Kraemer Brothers construction project
  • New entrance and vestibule for UW-Madison Chamberlin Hall by Kraemer Brothers Construction
  • Lecture room renovations by Kraemer Brothers for UW-Madison Chamberlin Hall

UW-Madison Chamberlin Hall

A historic building such as this requires expertise in construction, whether matching existing brick and mortar or in removing hazardous materials. The renovation encompasses 134,000 square feet of remodeling to the five-story Physics Department and adds 21,000 square feet, including a mechanical penthouse addition to support the new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems installed throughout the building. Kraemer Brothers updated classrooms and research laboratories, and built two new state-of-the-art lecture halls within the existing space.