Let us worry about it. 

There are no shortcuts to quality construction, and there is one phone number that will get you started with the right project foundation: 608-546-2411

Construction Projects of any Size are a Major Undertaking.

You’re about to make a substantial investment of time and money in new or renovation construction. The project must be on time and on budget, but it needs to achieve something more - it needs to be done right and to your satisfaction.

With so much at stake, who will look out for your best interests and pay attention to every project detail for you? The team at Kraemer Brothers General Contractors wants you to be extremely satisfied at every point of your construction experience: from site selection, to construction phase analysis, to structure and systems advice, to expert workmanship. We will inform you, educate you, and assure you through the entire construction project using weekly and monthly reports, pre-construction meetings, team planning and scheduling, and thorough daily jobsite supervision. We don't take chances. We take every precaution to get it right the first time because that's what we would want. 

Construction Budgeting.

We’ve never been late for a deadline. Kraemer Brothers will also maximize your construction budget and do so with transparency. With our preliminary project planning software technology and reporting, almost all unforeseen construction delays or possible construction problems are eliminated before we even start construction. This saves costly time and changes down the road. 

We've been building commercial construction projects since 1948. That's a lot of experience under our belts and time to perfect what we do. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Let’s build something that you won't have to worry about; only enjoy.


Commercial Construction Services Above and Beyond our Regular Services.