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As a leader in industrial manufacturing in Wisconsin, Kraemer Brothers has completed over 150 projects for 60 different clients in solar technology, plastics, warehousing, distribution, and biotechnology. Our team has extensive experience in special height requirements, coolers and freezers, clean rooms, dry warehouses, cold docks, conference rooms and office wings. Kraemer Brothers will guide you through the pre-construction process to ensure your project is well understood and stays on budget and on schedule.

Additions to existing operations with minimal to no impact on day to day production activities is our specialty.We know how important your production schedule is to your business. No matter what manufacturing industry you are in, we have done similar facilities and know what to expect to meet and exceed your expectations and production goals. Time is money and Kraemer Brothers makes every effort to keep yours flowing smoothly.

We've constructed facilities for the dairy industry and cheesemakers, component manufacturing, warehouse needs, food & beverage manufacturers, raw materials processing, consumer goods, clothing and mail-order distribution - just to name a few.