Two Kraemer Construction employees surveying a site

quality assured by thoroughness of team

Award-Winning, Quality-Minded Construction

If there is one thing Kraemer Brothers is known for, it is delivering a high quality product. Having third generation craftsmen and supervisors throughout our company has ensured that our systems are clearly followed, and that our high expectations are always met. For example, on a very recent project the Vice President of Construction for a national developer conducted his final inspection of our 100,000-square-foot project. After only 30 minutes he remarked, “Well, I am going to do something I have never done before. I have seen enough, and I am complete with my inspection. We are open for business!” He knew of our strong reputation, and this project further validated the thoroughness and attention to detail we put into every project.

Our firm differs from many companies in how a Kraemer personally oversees the jobsite operation for your project. This ensures a high level of management and oversight of subcontractors, which our clients have truly valued over the years. This general superintendent will be on site at least weekly. He will run all pre-installation meetings with subcontractors and administer weekly quality control audits with the jobsite superintendent. Also, he will make sure all “O&M” manuals will be completed properly and that all our client’s personnel are properly trained on the use of all systems and equipment.

Kraemer Brothers’ on-site superintendent is responsible for the project-specific quality assurance program. He works with architects and engineers to ensure their specifications match our client’s expectations. He will participate in all pre-installation meetings, which will address how specified manufacturer's materials are installed in a safe and sound manner. He will also observe contractor tasks, ensuring proper installation methods are being used, and he will oversee commissioning of all contractors to ensure all products are performing properly. An assistant superintendent, project manager, and a full-time safety director also ensure the highest quality. A system of reporting and controls will address accountability along each step of the design, submittal, install, and commission phase.

Kraemer Brothers believes that being exceptionally thorough on the front end results in a more cohesive team approach, creates expectations and trust, and reduces risk for all involved.