• Clinical Research Unit - Evansville, Ind.
  • Covance Parking Structure
  • Life Technologies
  • Monsanto Company - Agracetus Campus
  • Promega cGMP Manufacturing Facility
  • Hologic
  • Bruker AXS
  • Catalent Pharma Solutions- cGMP Facility
  • Covance North Addition
  • Covance Northeast Addition
  • Covance West Addition
  • Promega Biopharmaceutical Technology Center
  • Promega Research  Development Center
  • US Forest Service Centennial Research Facility


In building more than 200 projects for the science and technology fields, our success was achieved through an understanding of laboratories and cGMP processes, from scientific and fermentation to full-scale production. Kraemer Brothers knows your safety and support systems, the HVAC requirements and the different types of clean room environments you need for scale-up capabilities. We know the FDA, governmental and industry regulations for the industry, and we know the myriad of materials required for specific lab functions.

Having a General Contractor with our experience in science and technology construction will be a great asset to your project in that we already understand what your needs are and how to achieve them. Our experience in biotech construction for over 50 years will save you time and frustration in trying to relay what you need to a builder who doesn't have our experience and biotech knowledge. 


There isn't anything we can't build to your specifications and needs, and, our MEP Systems Specialists and Quality Assurance Team will make absolutely certain it is performing the way it should to achieve the requirements as intended by the building owner and as designed by the building architects and engineers.