What are our clients are saying about us

What follows is a sampling of UNSOLICITED letters of commendation we have received from satisfied clients. We are very proud that our clients take the time to express their thoughts. We want to continue to earn this type of accolade the only way we know how: performing for our clients.

Science + Technology

In every project that we’ve been involved in with Kraemer Brothers we’ve not only seen great attention to detail and quality throughout the entire project, but also the personal commitment and involvement of the leadership down to every employee in the company. This is evident through every phase, including planning, execution and particularly during the building phase of the project.

- William Linton, CEO
Promega Corporation

There is a term used in Total Quality Management programs today called “best practices.” It is evident that your organization could be used as an example of this quality principle.

- Robert E. Conway, Corporate Vice President
Hazleton Laboratories

The Kraemer Brothers construction team performed beyond our expectations for this project. At every problem encountered and in the face of poor design documents, they remained helpful, willing to keep the project forward instead of hindering progress. The field crew was very knowledgeable in construction planning and execution, and the quality of work was exceptional. They managed their subcontractors well, making sure that all involved with the project remained focused on the end product. We were very lucky to have had such a conscientious construction team for this project.

- Steve Kalinosky
USFS Forest Products Laboratory

I learned early in the tenure of my position that Covance has great trust and faith in the abilities of Kraemer Brothers construction. Based on your performance at the Evansville CRU, I now understand why. Your efforts in identifying alternative construction methods during the bid evaluation period saved thousands. Your management of subcontractors has been excellent and your safety record is stellar.

- Dan Quinn
Jacobs (Covance Laboratories)

Kraemer Brothers did an exceptional job on this project. On time and on budget, even with some difficult circumstances related to weather, etc. We are very pleased with our new facility. Kraemer Brothers assured high quality of workmanship throughout.

- Dan Brethorst, Director of Facilities
Life Technologies

I want to take this opportunity to say that it has been a real pleasure to have a firm like Kraemer Brothers to rely on in such a high risk activity as construction. You have been willing on numerous occasions to go beyond the contract to help Covance in one way or another. I think/hope we have similarly reached out since an alliance requires each to look out for the other within the framework of good business practice.

- Charlotte Woods
Covance Laboratories


Kraemer Brothers has set a new and higher standard of construction quality for the Hammons Company to judge future projects by.

John Q. Hammons Industries

The level of cooperation and farsightedness in orchestrating the first floor project consisting of restaurants, new bar and lobby and the new swimming pool and fitness center on the third floor was unsurpassed in both orchestration and administration of.

- Rodney Burwell, Chairman
The Madison Concourse Hotel

Positive response from the community does not happen by accident, and I would like to personally commend and thank Kraemer Brothers … for running a tight ship. The Hilton Garden Inn in Wisconsin Dells and its Del-Bar companion represent a “class act” in our marketplace, and it is both rewarding and consistent with our efforts to have it being constructed by another “class act” – Kraemer Brothers.

- Robert F. Murphy, Principal/Project Coordinator
Sandhill Development, LLC

I just wanted to take a minute to reiterate how happy all of us at the Kalahari Resort are with the terrific job that Kraemer Brothers did on the new Kalahari Indoor Theme Park. As well as being a beautiful building, it was done with great care and on time and you know how important on-time completion is to me and my company. All of my staff has told me what a pleasure it has been to work with you and your staff not only on this project, but Trappers Turn and the Ny-um-ba Kondos as well. After years of working with other general contractors, it’s a pleasure to finally see how it’s done right!

- Todd Nelson, CEO
Kalahari Resorts

In spite of the tremendous hurdles we had to overcome to maintain the hyper track schedule, we finished each major milestone on time and within budget. From the very beginning, your ability to mobilize set a pace that pushed the Architects to their limits to keep up. Your organization's leadership, communications, and commitment to teamwork forged the success of this unprecedented construction pace.

- Clarence Pettibone, President Pro Tempore
Ho-Chunk Nation

This is a unique company, because they truly represent the owner in a business manner that makes us feel that they are partners with us. The team at Kraemer Brothers is wonderful. They build a great product, because they listen and care about the customer.

- Kim Schaefer, COO
Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.

Your company and those individuals who make up your company have exhibited the highest degree of proficiency, quality and courtesy that I have had the pleasure to observe.

- Daniel H. Nevaiser
Nevaiser Investments

Food + Dairy

Kraemer Brothers kept this project on schedule and under budget while enduring some extreme winter weather conditions and complications of tying in a new building into a 50-year-old block building, 10-year-old steel building and a four-year-old freezer panel building, all with different elevations. Kraemer Brothers did a great job of handling the sub contractors’ schedules and costs, keeping them informed of the constantly changing circumstances. Foremost Farms has a high standard for safety in all of our plants and for all of our projects. Kraemer Brothers made this a priority and kept the project incident free.

- Merl Jones
Foremost Farms, USA

I would like to thank everyone at Kraemer Brothers for a job extremely well done. You were there with us before the architect drew his first line, as you have stayed with us beyond the laying of the last brick. Your attention to detail, the craftsmanship of your people, your control of subcontractors, and your uncanny ability to stay on or ahead of even the most ambitious schedule, have made this project right-on-time, at budget, and problem-free.

- Anthony R. Sana, Vice President
SACO Foods, Inc.

Kraemer Bros., and, its representatives that we had the privilege to deal with in the Jerome project, are nothing short of being extremely competent and professional. We've been utilizing what you people built for us almost a year now and we couldn't be happier with the physical facility. The building itself is a showplace of how a cheese plant should be laid out and constructed.

- Mark Davis
Davisco International, Inc.

Higher Education

The completed building was turned over to us on April 30, 2010, as promised by Kraemer Brothers. The $6 million project came in on budget and had a very limited number of change orders that were initiated by owner requests and a few unforeseen conditions. Kraemer Brothers delivered a very functional, quality building for us that we continue to receive compliments on. I found the Kraemer Brothers team exceptional to work with. They not only performed their own work very professionally, but they did an excellent job managing the work and performance of their subcontractors.

- Daniel Motl, P.E.
UW Physical Plant Shops & Office Building

We are delighted that the project has almost come to full completion and that Kraemer Brothers have done such an outstanding job in managing the project. Our student body is delighted with the project and have fully taken over the whole building from top to bottom and out on the terraces and green roof. Great care was taken by all the companies who worked on this project to do an excellent job of completing all the tasks associated with the building. We believe the building to be state of the art, highly sustainable in terms of energy use, and absolutely gorgeous. I can’t think of a company I would rather work with than Kraemer Brothers who took such pride in making sure that the building was of very high quality.

- Beth Hellwig, Davies Steering Committee Chair
UW-Eau Claire

K-12 Education

Thanks to you and your staff for completing the River Arts Center at the Sauk Prairie High School on time and within the cost we anticipated. Our theater is unique as it is the result of the determination of a key group of individuals in our community who are dedicated to the visual and performing arts of our students and the needs of our citizens. The dream of these individuals is now realized as your firm completed the bricks and mortar of this beautiful structure. The teamwork exhibited by your firm deserves an A+ for quality, performance and product.

- Richard Maguson, former superintendent
Sauk Prairie School District

I have used the words super, fantastic, exemplary, excellent and profesional when describing your services and personnel.  I normally don’t get that expressive; however, I feel that in this situation and considering what you have accomplished for our school district in the time limits you had to work with, those words are accurate.

- Kent S. Nelson
Wonewoc District Administrator

Having been involved in numerous construction programs over my career, including the construction of three new high schools, I can say without reservation that your company is as fine a representative of the construction trade as I have ever encountered. ....You were and are the kind of company everyone may look to for how “to do things right.” The School District of Mauston has been the beneficiary of your work and your oversight.

- John Kammerud, Superintendent
School District of Mauston

This project has been marked by KBI's obvious commitment not only to do the job right but also to offer ideas and suggestions that made the final outcome even better than its original design.

- Jamie Benson, Superintendent
River Valley School District

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and your company for being a great partner in the construction of our new high school. Your entire company performed beyond our expectations. Without reservation, I highly recommend your company.

- Jim Waller, District Administrator
School District of Reedsburg

Our school district has noticed the manner in which your company has been ‘customer oriented.’ Your integrity made the difference. This project was handled with a central focus toward the construction of the finest quality high school building possible. We appreciated your cooperation with all of the parties involved.

- Ed Meyer, District Administrator
Richland School District

This project provided many challenges, including a tight schedule and budget. Kraemer was able to work hand-in-hand with us to determine ways to overcome all obstacles. Great job!

- Randy Boden, Somerville Architects
Regarding Edgar School District

It's obvious that you and your entire crew have given us all we hoped for – and more – in the timeliness as well as the quality of your work. The whole project has been marked by an obvious commitment to doing the job right, which has to begin at the top if it's to permeate an entire organization as it does yours.

- Steve Willson, Principal
Portage Community School District


Constant communication and safety focus made the project flow smoothly without impeding our warehouse crews, which was pretty amazing considering the logistical [challenges] we envisioned at the start of the project. Maybe the best compliment comes from the lack of complaints by our warehouse crews.

- Thomas Adams, Director of Facilities
SYSCO Baraboo, LLC

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are about the great job your people are doing for us. The building looks great, and you have top notch people working for you.

- Cameron Hubanks
Bruker AXS

We have received many laudatory comments on the building and much of this praise is due to how well everything was accomplished by Kraemer Brothers.

- Erwin Stensaas, Executive Vice President
Universal Silencer


Kraemer Brothers continues to exceed our expectations. Their service and professionalism were evident both during the project and post project. We look forward to working with Kraemer Brothers in the future.

- Bob Van Meeteren, President
Reedsburg Area Memorial Hospital

Kraemer Brothers could – and should – hold a clinic on what it takes to earn a customer's satisfaction and return business.

- Thomas Warwick, Former President
St. Clare Hospital

Kraemer Brothers helped develop and maintain the project’s complex phasing and schedule. The project stayed within the GMP and expected contingency range. There was a high level of intricate construction detailing. The quality of work was very good. A high level of safety was maintained. The infection control was exemplary during construction. Kraemer Brothers came to meetings prepared to discuss questions, budget, etc. They were ahead of the game.

- Chris Oddo, architect (Kahler Slater)
Richland Hospital Inpatient Renovation


Kraemer Brothers delivered this project on time, under budget and with excellent construction quality. The field and office staff displayed nothing but total professionalism and cooperation. Kraemer Brothers not only constructed this project, but also was on board through the design process. They provided valuable assistance in evaluating design options. Kraemer Brothers has every right to be as proud of this project as we at Culver’s are.

- Tom Williams, Director of Design Services
Culver Franchising Systems

From the day we chose your company to build this structure, we have been totally pleased with every aspect of the project. Your integrity and that of every person in your company from your executive staff to the persons you employ in your construction crew showed through as the building developed from slab to finish.

- James C. O'Donnell, President
Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation

Kraemer has the best field operations division I have ever been associated with. Gary Moseman met a very demanding schedule that had many unforseen obstacles, and most importantly he delivered a very high quality product within budget. The safety record was outstanding.

- Joel Stueland
Greenway Station/Red Development

Kraemer Brothers contributions to the success of the Oaks Building were invaluable. From marketing, to budgeting and value-engineering, to on-site improvements, Kraemer’s staff consistently put the owner’s goals and objectives as the top priority.

- Tim Carey, President
Greenway Properties


The theater only works as well as it does because you never stopped asking questions, to make sure we would be happy with the result. The building is a monument to collaboration and care. You and your team showed again and again how much you wanted to do this right. And if you weren’t sure that what was drawn was what we would want, you never let it slide. I will always be grateful.

- Michael Broh
American Players Theatre

I have said before and say again that if I were permitted to choose only one contracting firm who would build all the buildings with which I was concerned for the rest of my life, I would unquestionably select Kraemer Brothers as the one.

- William Wesley Peters, Vice President
Taliesin Associated Architects

Every KBI project superintendent that I have encountered has been excellent to work with.... We look forward to continuing our relationship in the years ahead. We are fortunate to have an excellent general contractor assisting us in our remodeling and construction projects. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your staff.

- Robert Brodbeck, President & CEO
Dick’s Supermarkets/Brodbeck Enterprises, Inc.

You have a remarkable company of such great people. I meant what I said at our opening: never a worry, because I had the right people in charge. Thanks.

- Darlene Ballweg, Owner
Ballweg Chevrolet


Government + Public

You built a beautiful, user-friendly facility that will meet our needs for many years to come. You completed the Justice Center well ahead of schedule and under the projected cost. The State Jail inspector advised us that our Justice Center is one of the best he has ever seen. When questions arose throughout the construction process, the project superintendent was quick to respond and meet our needs.

- Brent Oleson, Sheriff
Juneau County